The Icy Light Summer

ColorBreeze Art - Icy Light Summer

Main things to know about the Icy Light Summer:

Temperature: Cool
Value: Light
Chroma: Soft
Sister Season: Hybrid of Light Summer and Cool Summer

Best colors: Soft White, Sky Blue, Light Pink, Light Lavender, Light Navy, Light Grey

Worst Colors: Black; dark earthy colors, bright colors, golden browns, oranges and yellows.

Think of the Icy Light Summer as a Light Summer that has no visible warmth. Any hint of warmth can make her look sickly. The same goes with heavy, golden earth tones. 

They are usually not mistaken for a Spring like the Light Summer might. Instead, she may be labeled a Cool Summer, but she's much lighter than that. Because sometimes they have eyes that are somewhat clear-looking, I've even seen this season be labeled a Winter!

But cool pastels, no hint of warmth, soft and powdery but still being able to add some icy cool colors normally reserved for Winters, is what this season is all about. 

Tips for the Icy Light Summer

Monochromatic colors will look fantastic. For example: a light navy jacket, a soft blue blouse and a sky blue scarf. Because of its delicate coloring, its easy to get overpowered by high contrast colors. 

Its dominant trait is "Light" but it needs little-to-no warmth. Colors like peach, which are often worn successfully by the traditional Light Summer season, should be avoided.