The Light Summer

ColorBreeze Art - Light Summer

Here the basics of the Light Summer season. 

Temperature: Cool, primarily

Value: Light

Chroma: Soft

Sister Season: Light Spring

Sample Best colors: Light grey, Soft White, Sky Blue, Pastel Pink, Light Lavender, Light Navy

Worst Colors: Black; dark colors, bright colors, overpowering reds and blues; golden browns, oranges and yellows.

Light Summers are a blend of Summer and Spring (or Summer 'flowing' into Spring.) Some of the more neutral colors of Spring will be in this palette as will soft greys, soft blues, dusty rose and other light, elegant colors.

Monochromatic colors will look fantastic. For example: a light navy jacket, a soft blue blouse and a sky blue scarf.

Avoid high contrasts in colors. Because of your delicate coloring, its easy to get overpowered

Colors can be a mix of cool and warm light colors, or they can be neutral in temperature. 

More Examples of the Light Summer

fyi: If you haven't noticed yet, many images I use on this site are marked "ColorBreeze Art." This is part of my new artwork and visuals I have created with the help of AI, among other digital photo software. I will be slowly adding more images over time. Here are some for this season. Please share on Pinterest if you like them! 

Grey haired Light Summer woman.
Light Summer blonde woman at airport in medium blue suit.
Light Summer woman example.
Light Summer woman with short

Stay tuned for more examples of the Light Summer...

Here are some wardrobe looks for the Light Summer 

Light Summer season Paris Polyvore
Light Summer season Cowgirl Polyvore
Light Summer season Professional Polyvore

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