The Smokey Soft Autumn season can be tricky

Dusty and Smokey Autumns different hair color

Despite having many seasons in my ColorBreeze System, there can still be quite a range of values seen in many of the sub-seasons. This is especially true of the Soft Seasons. 

The Smokey Soft Autumn in particular is misdiagnosed more than anyone. Hair color for this season can range from dark blonde to dark brunette (see photo above) to black in the case of women of color. What is similar for all of them is the darker eyes and the need for some softness. 

The woman on the right in the photo above is used as a model on my deluxe swatches as well as the corresponding mini eBooks I have for all seasons. She is definitely on the dark side of the value scale. 

Some women couldn't really see themselves in this season because of that.

So when I created a newly expanded eBook for the Smokey Soft Autumn (I'm in the very long process of updating each season), I used a more typical model. And in the eBook I tried to find more examples of this season. 

Smokey Soft Autumn eBook cover 500x

It helped one of my clients who sent me the following feedback recently: 

"Hi Lora,

I wanted to touch base about my color analysis.  A couple of years ago, you analyzed me as a Smokey Soft Autumn after I had previously been analyzed as a True Winter in the Sci-Art system.  I wasn’t entirely sure Smokey Soft Autumn was correct but I knew True Winter wasn’t working for me.  

After your analysis, I began wearing the colors and, overall, I felt like it was close enough.   However,  I was never entirely convinced this was my season because I never identified with the models. Last week, I bought the expanded ebook “Celebrate Your Season” that you recently released.  The ebook includes a wonderful collage of many Soft Smokey Autumns showing the wide range of this coloring.

I was able to cut and paste a pic of myself into the collage and I can finally see what you saw a couple of years ago.  I blend right in with the other pictures and the season really makes sense for me now.   I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all your work and I finally feel like I’ve found my season!

Stay safe and healthy!


I love hearing feedback like that!

You can purchase the eBook here if you are interested. 

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