The Sunlit Light Spring

Sunlit Light Spring teenager

Here are the basics of the Sunlit Light Spring season

Temperature: Warm
Value: Light
Chroma: Clear
Sister Season: Sunlit Clear Spring

Best Colors: Ivory, most Yellows, Light Lime, Peach.

Worst Colors: Black, Burgundy, Dark Plum, dark muted colors.

The Sunlit Light Spring is essentially the traditional "light spring" with no hint of Summer to them. Their undertone is all-warm, light, delicate, but still needing some luminosity and brightness.

As the name says, keep colors light. Avoid dark and dusty colors. Very dark colors will drain the color from your face and may make you look pale and tired.

The Sunlit Light Spring is a 'twin' season

This season's twin is the traditional Light Spring found in the 12-season color system and in my ColorBreeze. But this season has nothing but warm undertone tones so avoiding cool colors is key along with embracing the light, bright colors of Spring. But the color palettes of both seasons are almost identical. 

See some fashion wardrobe looks for these seasons on my Pinterest Page for the Light Springs. 

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