The Toasted Soft Winter

Toasted Soft Winter example in my ColorBreeze System.

Here are the basics of the Toasted Soft Winter

Temperature: Cool, primarily
Value: Deep
Chroma: Mostly clear but with a definite need for some softness
Sister Season: Smokey Soft Autumn

Best colors: Charcoal blue, soft fuchsia, black cherry, warm burgundy, pine green, deep charcoal blue, mahogany, boysenberry, black

Worst Colors: Avoid warm, pale colors like light brown, soft peach, sage green.

The Toasted Soft Winter is a Winter that, unlike other Winters, has a muted quality to it. Colors are a mix of 'traditional' winter colors like black, true red, and emerald, but are worn in a way that creates lower contrast than most Winters.

In addition to the traditional winter colors, this season has deep, rich colors like black cherry and toned raspberry. They have a visible warmth to their coloring, usually found in their skin or eyes, but sometimes hair as well.

In the palette are a mix of some lighter soft colors, not usually associated with winter. But paired with the much deeper traditional colors of the palette, this creates a slightly toned down effect.

Wearing colors that are too pale will not be strong enough for your coloring and will wash you out.

TIP: The Toasted Soft Winter will often get mistaken for an Autumn, because analysts are confused when they see so much warmth, mostly on the client's skin's surface, or overtone. Her undertones, though, all mainly cool.

Here's some more examples of The Toasted Soft Winter

If you haven't noticed yet, many images I use on this site are marked "ColorBreeze Art". This is part of my new artwork and visuals I have created with the help of AI, among other digital photo software. I will be slowly adding more images over time. Here are some for this season. Please share on Pinterest if you like them! 

Biracial woman is a great Toasted Soft Winter example.
Toasted Soft Winter wearing a raspberry blouse.
Example of a Woman of Color who is a Toasted Soft Winter.

Stay tuned for new examples...

Toasted Soft Winter eBook Cover

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Below are a few looks I put together for the Toasted Soft Winter

FYI: You might see this season be categorized as just a "Soft Winter" along with the Smokey Soft Winter.

Soft Winter clothing garden
toasted winter clothes
soft winter clothes 6

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