Triangle Face Shape

Triangle Face Shape Real Woman

How to determine the Triangle face shape:
•The jawline is the widest part of the face
•The cheekbones are less broad than the jawline
•The forehead is narrow
•The face width measures approximately two thirds the length of the face

Goal: To visually narrow the jawline by giving width to the forehead
•Keep hair close at the sides and nape and cover part of the ears
•Create height and width at the temples
•Cover part or all of the ears
•Hairstyles that are irregular, wispy, or have soft curls that flair out at the sides near the eye line
•Bangs that are full, fluffy and high will add width to the forehead and balance the wide jawline
•Styles that are full at the temple
•Side parts with long bangs swept to the side
•Medium-long hair, just under the jawline

•Styles cut close at the temples
•Short hair on top
•Center parts

•Look for hats with short brims
•Asymmetric brims and high crowns are good to bring the attention up towards the eye area.
•Styles that sit on the back of the head and are wide across the temple area will help minimize the jawline.
•Select any style that will add width to the forehead such as turban styles

•Oval-shaped frames and frames that are broad where the face is narrow.
•Frames that are heavy on the top and oval on the bottom.

Look for earrings that are longer than they are wide
•Teardrop shape

More advice for the triangle face shape

I go into more detail about face shapes in my PYW's Makeup Book. See advice on contouring your specific face shape and other makeup topics related to color analysis seasons. 

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