Pretty Your World's Virtual Color Analysis Questionnaire

Pretty Your Words Color Analysis Questionnaire

Please fill out and submit your answers to my questionnaire. These answers help to ensure an accurate analysis. 

Please note: this questionnaire is exclusively for those who paid for an in-depth virtual color anlaysis already. 

It will not be able to tell you your season like some quizzes will. 

Once you have submitted your questionnaire, please submit your photos to:

TIP: If you are afraid your answers will sway me one way or another.....
The answer is a mainly 'no', but it will help me feel a bit more confident in my assessment of your photos. 

If I get a good sense of your photos as to what your season is, and your Color Analysis Questionnaire answers seem to support this, I will most likely move forward without any follow-up. 

But if the photos tell me, for example, that you are definitely warm and your questionnaire answers say you look horrible in yellows, peaches, oranges, and browns, I will most likely ask for additional photos. The second set will help me ensure I see the same things I saw in the first batch. 

Also, questionnaire answers give me a sense of your certainty of what flatters you so if I do happen to disagree, I know I will have to explain more in-depth as to why I disagree. 

Lastly, if your answer says your eyes are blue, and the photos are not showing blue at all, I will need to ask for more photos to feel secure in my analysis.   Photos will always take precedence over the questionnaire answers, but they are very helpful to me. 

So, bottom line, please answer the Color Analysis Questionnaire as thoroughly and accurately as possible. 

Thank you!